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Learning System
for Tablets

Award-winning toys and apps

 Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen app included


What people are saying about Tiggly

"A pre-school toy to WOW aspirational parents"

— Financial Times

"Cool way to learn - I really love this toy"


Tiggly Words Learning System includes

5 interactive vowel toys

Available in 12 languages

*** Please note that Tiggly Words is an English Learning Toy with all audio and visuals in English. The 12 language selections only apply to the settings and certain on-screen instructions.

Tiggly Words Languages


Carrying pouch

Device Compatibility

All generations of iPhone, iPad & iPad mini (execpt iPad 1)

Tiggly Doctor, Tiggly Submarine and Tiggly Story Maker are compatible with leading Android devices (Samsung, Kurio). Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen is only available for iOS. 

Click here for the full list for compatible devices


Available at:

Tiggly Words

Learning Journey

Long & Short Vowels
Nouns & Verbs
Word Building
Problem Solving
Spelling Patterns
Expanding Concepts
Asking "What if"
Story Telling

How it works

Tiggly Toys have silicone touch points so your tablet reacts to them just like your fingertips. Tap and the screen reacts.

Simple to use

No need for batteries, bluetooth or wifi, the magic is in its simplicity!

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