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Discover a world of surprises with Tiggly Story Maker!

Use your Tiggly Words toys to make new words by replacing the vowel in CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) patterns. If the word has a meaning, its effect comes to life on the screen creating a world as big as your imagination!

In Tiggly Story Maker you’ll learn CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) patterns, short sounds, word building and storytelling

Tiggly Words Learning

[Tiggly Shape's Got Talent] reduces math anxiety through interactive apps and toys, making key STEM subjects accessible for kids
A fab collaboration of theory & practice of Dr. Herb Ginsburg from TeachersCollege & Tiggly
Shuli Gilutz, PhD

Tips & Highlights

You are free to use any vowel you like to make possible word combinations with the consonants on the screen. Make a bug in a bog and catch it with a big bag!
How many surprises can you discover? Did you notice the cabs can only pick up pugs?
The app creates a mini animation while recording your voice as you narrate your very own unique story. Keep building your story and then share it with friends and family!