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Lions, Dolphins, and pigs, oh my!

Use your Tiggly shapes to construct friendly animals from the jungle farm, and sea. Tiggly Safari is an excellent learning experience for you children to learn about shapes and improve their spatial thinking.

Each level of this learning app is designed based on years of research on children's spatial cognition development. In the first level, children match shapes with what they see on the screen, creating simple animals out of single shapes. As the levels proceed, children are stretched to create more complex animals with different shape combinations, recognizing and matching basic shapes in various orientations, and practicing their hand-eye coordination by catching moving object-- all while being amazed by the cute animals they are creating!


"LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! The animals are the cutest and my little one love guessing the animals by the sounds before they appear. Great to see the kiddies having fun and learning at the same time."
"Really loving this app - it's a great way to learn vocab for languages like French and Spanish. Now we practice saying animals' names in different ways - fun way for toddlers to learn."

Tips & Highlights

Learn your shapes and animals in 10 languages
Tiggly Safari has different levels, each building new skills so enjoy them all