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Next Patient please

Time for a check up on your verbs! You are appointed to be the Tiggly Town Doctor, and your patients have every malady imaginable!

Along with your Words toys, you will complete action verbs to alleviate your silly patients’ unexpected maladies.

Tiggly Words Learning

We had so much fun playing the game together last night with the hilarious characters, and really silly operations.
Angus S, Apple Review
The characters are so much fun in this game!
geekout, Apple Review

Tips & Highlights

Tiggly Doctor will stretch your vocabulary as you help a patient spell complicated words such as “multimillionaire”.
The app is silly and full of humor. It invites you to think about verbs and learn more about short & long vowels.
The app starts with easy verbs containing short vowel sounds and gets harder as the child becomes a more experienced doctor.