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Learn subtraction with Tiggly Chef!

The wildly popular Tiggly Chef is back! This time, join Chef to learn subtraction math concepts while experimenting in his super-duper secret kitchen laboratory, to create the most silly and flavorful creations the world has ever witnessed!

Tiggly’s most mustachioed master Chef invites you to his super-duper secret kitchen laboratory to try out new ideas and inspirations for his preposterously tasty dishes! Chef tells you what’s needed for each experiment, and you help by taking away the extra ingredients to get to the exact number called for by his lab notes. Mathematics symbols appear on screen explaining your actions, helping you naturally learn subtraction concepts and the meaning behind mathematical symbols as they relate to your own actions. Chef will encourage you to follow instructions and think flexibly!



Tiggly Math Subtraction learning journey

Just pure genius....LOVE IT!
- Jo Booth from Teachers with Apps
The best app to teach subtraction! Kids LOVE playing with chef and learn math with him
- 1st grade teacher

Tips & Highlights

Tiggly Chef Subtraction helps you develop mathematical thinking by allowing decomposition of numbers less than or equal to 20 in more than one way
Hone your problem solving skills by solving subtraction math problems in more than one step
Did you know you can "take away" multiple ingredients by tapping more than one finger on the screen?
Practice your mental math skills by solving math problems in your head! Condensation forms on the machine in the most advanced kitchen, so you cannot easily count what's inside!
Create your own kooky culinary concoctions by designing your own recipes!
As an added bonus: More than 20 animated Chef stickers and 70 fun stickers of Chef's creations, are included for the iMessage app!