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Welcome to the silliest kitchen in Tiggly Town!

Learn early addition concepts and think flexibly about numbers while helping Chef prepare his signature Spicy Hula Monkey Cake, as well as over 40 other outrageous dishes.

Tiggly Town’s greatest, most mustachioed Chef tells you what he needs to prepare his preposterously silly recipes, and you help by adding the exact number of ingredients Chef asks for to get the recipe right. You can even suggest your own recipes to Chef. While ingredients are added, mathematics symbols appear on screen explaining your actions, helping you naturally learn numbers and early addition concepts. Surely Chef will encourage you to follow instructions and think flexibly!

"Every child loves to cook. What a great way to teach math and have a child think that they are a real chef! Great idea! Love it! This App is great. My daughter loves it"
railroadsu, Apple Reviews
"So much fun!!! A great way to learn counting by making bizarre recipes! I love it"
geekout, Apple Reviews

Tips & Highlights

Tiggly Chef develops flexible thinking by allowing multiple combinations to reach the same answer
Any mistake is an opportunity to learn! Try placing a too big rod on the screen and see what happens
Develop your creativity by creating your own recipes!
Once you made your dish, record your voice saying how it tasted.
Learn to cook and add in 10 languages!
Tiggly Chef is a winner of the ‪‎Tabby Awards‬ 2015 iPad Apps and Games Category.