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Cardtoons anyone?

Counting comes to life with 25 imaginative stores. Count, drag and match to help your child learn how to count. 

Ordinary pieces of cardboard shuffle into a variety of positions, each time becoming something new and unexpected. One bluefish with a fancy bow tie, two peanuts for a hungry elephant, three candles for a cow’s birthday cake, four gumballs for a bubble blowing frog, and five silly bananas on a camel’s back! These are just some of the stories you will help bring to life as the buttons you create set the stage for a journey through counting and the depths of your imagination!


I wish I had apps like this when I was in school, for me learning was always presented like a mandatory chore task in school. At least my kids can have it better now :)
Max Walters 81

Tips & Highlights

The wacky stories put numbers into context and helps children engage and think about numbers in a meaningful way
Learn to count in 10 languages