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You Made a Mistake…Hooray!

It's time we all embrace our mistakes -- they're a great way to learn new things.

Imagine you keep doing things you're really good at, perfectly, without a single error. Well, you wouldn't really be giving yourself a chance to try new things, make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes -- and that's a shame.

Remember how your child learned how to walk? She wasn’t afraid of making mistakes. She got up, tried one step at a time, fell down (but didn't doubt her ability to improve), got up again, and then tried even harder. And you were with her every single step along the way. You praised her progress, celebrated her smallest improvements, and -- “Oops”! -- smiled with her when she fell. After all, who doesn't make a mistake when learning something new?

Your child's walking improved one step at a time. You both enjoyed the learning process—and you made memories. Do you have the same attitude towards your child's learning when it comes to math and language? Do you enjoy the learning process, smile at your child's mistakes and use them as learning moments? We should always remember mistakes are good for learning. We need to know, and teach our kids, there’s no reason to be afraid of making them. Mistakes are how we learn.

At Tiggly, we know Tiggly kids are “stretchy learners". They embrace their mistakes, accept new challenges, and love creating new things. Have you seen your child make mistakes and then seen them lead to fun learning discovery? We’d love to hear about it! Email us at

Here’s to lots more mistakes in the future!

Azi Jamalian