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Why You Need to Embrace the Word ‘Yet’

Like every other human on the planet, you’ve likely uttered, "I'm just not good at it!" on more than one occasion. Maybe you were referring to your ability to do math, find a date, breakdance or fix the sink. You felt hopelessly inadequate and that was the end of that.

Here’s a secret: Try adding just one little word to that tired sentence you trot out every time you don’t do something well. Try adding the word "yet" as in, "I'm not good at it, YET!" That little word changes the whole picture. It transforms your mindset, and then maybe your life.

The right mindset is key: it helps you to believe you can improve, that you can master something if you just put in some effort. It means you are the one in control of what you do, and how well you do. It means there’s nothing in the world you can't do better at if you’re willing to put in some effort.

Children can adopt that “yet mindset”. They should know they are ultimately in charge of their learning, and therefore their own destinies. Help your child embrace that word yet. If he says he’s not good at something, gently add a "yet" to that. Discuss how to get better at it. Help him get started on learning -- and improving.

Tiggly is all about children embracing stretching toward mastery. Tiggly kids are “stretchy learners” who know they can get better at anything by choosing when and where to place their focus. We want to help your child, and you, adopt the “yet mindset”. Email us to find out more about how your child can learn, improve, and grow. We’ll help you both embrace mastery, to embrace the YET.

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