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Make Up a Story

Storytelling is all the rage right now – at least in the world of children’s learning and education it is – and we at Tiggly hope it stays that way. Storytelling is a fundamental component in every child’s healthy mental and emotional development. (And it’s pretty good for us grown-ups, too.)

Speaking of grown-ups, let’s focus on you for a minute. Think back to the last story you made up, just for the fun of it. (Nope, that elaborate lie you told that time you were caught red-handed doesn’t count.) Can’t think of one? Try coming up with your own little short story or tall tale right now. Put in a monster, or maybe a duckling. How about a diabolical duckling?

Every now and then, invent an original story to tell your child. Better yet, ask your child to participate in the creation of the story. You can come up with the beginning and have your child end it. Or maybe you take on one character in the story and let your child take on another other. Your child will have fun, and so will you. Give it a try!

If you’d like some visuals to go with your story, or maybe some plot inspiration, try Tiggly Tales. Tiggly Tales allows users to develop original stories involving more than 40 characters, record your own voice and add custom animations built right there on the screen. Tiggly kids are “stretchy storytellers”, with hilarious stories just waiting to be told. We guarantee the video animations and parent/child voice recordings will provide hilarious memories for your family for years to come.

And, as always, please share your stories and experiences with us here at Tiggly – we love to hear them.

Here’s to getting down and making things UP!

Azi Jamalian