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Kristin’s Experience with Tiggly Math

Technology is a huge part of education. Most kids come to school knowing how to use an iPad or at least have an idea from using some kind of tablet previously. As an Early Kindergarten teacher, it can be difficult to find apps that I can apply to my whole class. I love how Tiggly does that! Using the Tiggly apps are a great way to incorporate the use of technology on a daily basis for all my kids.


All my students love Tiggly! They argue about who gets to start at center 10, which is our Tiggly Center. When I use a projector with my iPad for a whole group activity every kid wants to be the first one to come up and work in front of the class! 


Tiggly makes an impact daily. When the kids recognize a number on the app and know which is the correct counter – it’s a huge moment for them. It may not seem like much, but, with a 4 and 5 year-old it’s the doorway to loving math.

For example, one my students knew what 5 + 2 was off the top of his head (which was new for him). When I asked how he knew that equation he said “I practice with Tiggly all the time!”

I can see Tiggly having a lasting impact on my students number understanding and one to one correspondence. As the year goes on they are getting more familiar with their numbers and different ways to get to those numbers!


I have assessments for every child. I pull each student separately and assess them throughout the year on colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. Since implementing Tiggly I’ve seen a big improvement with some kids that didn't know any of he numbers at the beginning of the year.


Kristin Novera
Kindergarten Teacher
Woodland Elementary, MI
4 years of classroom experience
Kristin Novera