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Behind the scenes with Tiggly's Creative Director Paul Zdanowicz

This week in our Ask an Expert interview series, we have a special treat: introducing you to Paul Zdanowicz, Tiggly's creative director! Paul is a bit of a rock star in the children's entertainment world. He joined the company from Nick Jr.'s popular Team Umizoomi cartoon, where he was the lead designer. He has also worked on programming for young people at Disney, MTV, and Sesame Workshop.

Tiggly: You came to Tiggly from Nick Jr.'s serialized cartoon Team Umizoomi. What drew you to children's entertainment initially? 

Paul Zdanowicz: Being a father of two, I’ve experienced firsthand the demand for quality children’s entertainment. I just happened to be fortunate enough to be in a career where I could do something about that. Getting to work on multiple series with Nickelodeon, Walt Disney Television Productions, and Sesame Workshop afforded me the opportunity to contribute my abilities toward something that I thoroughly enjoyed making, and was truly proud to share my children. Tiggly and the app world is a natural extension of this. 

Tiggly: Which other artists do you admire? Who would you say your style influences are?

PZ: Edward Hopper and Mary Blair are definitely two painters who have had the biggest influence on me. In their own unique ways, they are both masters of capturing mood and atmosphere in a way that really appeals to me. This is something I aspire to in everything I paint or design, and I’m always turning to them for inspiration. 

Tiggly: What do you think Tiggly does best in providing educational content for young learners? PZ:

I couldn’t be more excited to be part of Team Tiggly! I think what we are doing here is something completely unique, and it allows us to be free of the inherent restrictions of broadcast curriculum programming. Here, children have control like never before, by physically being able to manipulate content with the use of Tiggly Shapes. It’s an extraordinary learning tool with many possibilities that I’m looking forward to exploring with the team. 

Tiggly: Finally, what was your favorite childhood toy?

PZ: My favorite childhood toy, hands down, was this awesome cheap plastic Universal Monsters play set. Man, I miss that thing…