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6 Apps That Make Life Way Easier for Parents

Breaking news: Parents have a lot on their plates. And since technology is supposed to be a labor-saving mechanism, we thought we’d collect our favorite apps that cut parents a break once in a while.

All these apps come with high recommendations and can help parents keep their lives organized, their older kids occupied, and their newborns well documented. (Best of all — almost all of them are free to download!)

  • Cozi (free for iPad/iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, and Windows). This multidimensional family organizer keeps tabs on everyone’s schedule via a Google Calendar sync, plus it shares grocery lists and to-do lists across all the responsible adults. A must-have in the juggling act of getting an older child to class right before you take your newborn in for a pediatrician appointment.
  • Relax Melodies (free for iPad/iPhone, Android, and Windows). This soothing white-noise app is a godsend for drowning out undesirable noise. Kids won’t sleep in a hotel room that faces a busy highway or a noisy elevator? Having a dinner party that won’t end until after bedtime? A few taps and they’ll be transported to a tranquil beach, a shady forest, or a rainy cave — at least it will sound that way when they close their eyes.
  • Dark Sky ($3.99 for iPad/iPhone). This weather app specializes in “hyperlocal” forecasts — meaning you can figure out whether it’s going to rain on you at the playground in the next hour. You can view radar maps, barometer readings, and extended forecasts as well.
  • WebMD (free for iPad/iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire). The absolute biggest benefit of this app is the Symptom Checker. You tap on whatever part of the body is ailing (head for fever, neck for sore throat, stomach for nausea, and so forth) and it will generate a list of possible ailments, along with treatment recommendations and advice on whether a call to the pediatrician is warranted.
  • BabyBook (free for iPad/iPhone). If you are not particularly crafty but still want to document your child’s life, use this app to write down adorable observations, track milestones, journal vacations or other noteworthy trips, and upload photos. At year end, you can print a beautiful hardcover book that you can send to all the grandparents as Christmas gifts, so cross another thing off your list.
  • Tiggly Safari, Stamp, and Draw (free for iPad, Android). The feedback we most often get from parents centers on how well siblings play Tiggly’s apps together. So if you are looking for a game that will get your kids to share the iPad instead of fighting over it, give our award-winning learning apps a download and watch the magic happen!


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