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   Tiggly Chef

Tillywig Brain Child 2014 Award-Winning App

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Welcome to the silliest kitchen in Tiggly Town! Learn early addition concepts and think flexibly about numbers while helping Chef prepare his signature Spicy Hula Monkey Cake, as well as over 40 other outrageous dishes. 

Tiggly Town’s greatest, most mustachioed Chef tells you what he needs to prepare his preposterously silly recipes, and you help by adding the exact number of ingredients Chef asks for to get the recipe right. You can even suggest your own recipes to Chef. While ingredients are added, mathematics symbols appear on screen explaining your actions, helping you naturally learn numbers and early addition concepts. Surely Chef will encourage you to follow instructions and think flexibly!


 Tiggly Cardtoons 

Calling all future mathematicians and storytellers!


Count, drag, match, and enjoy as the seemingly simple buttons you create come alive in a wildly imaginative story. Shuffle basic pieces of digital cardboard and watch as they become one bluefish with a fancy bowtie, two peanuts for a hungry elephant, three candles for a cow’s birthday cake, four gumballs for a bubble-blowing frog, and five silly bananas on a camel’s back! These are just some of the stories you will help bring to life as you set the stage for a journey through counting and the depths of your imagination! 

Tiggly Cardtoons will help you learn basic math ideas such as one-to-one matching, counting, and equal sets while stretching your imagination and sense of wonderment.


 Tiggly Addventure

Calling all future 'addventurous' mathematicians!!


Count up, count down, count all, and count on! Stretch your number sense as you travel along the number line in Tiggly Addventure. Math has never been so playful!

Tiggly sets off on an adventure to give his grandmother the most delicious apple in Tiggly Town and the most hilarious gift to his drummer best friend! Along the way, he will need you to build bridges, ladders, and much more to help him overcome challenges on the land, sea, and even outer space! Tiggly Addventure introduces children to number-line concepts while helping improve their number sense and counting skills.

Tiggly Shapes Apps


 Tiggly Safari


Calling all future 'Safari' travelers!!



In Tiggly Safari, preschoolers use Tiggly Shapes to construct a series of fun and friendly animals - cows, lions, dolphins, and many more. Travel from the farmyard to the jungle to the ocean, learning as you go! 


 Tiggly Stamp

Calling all future Stamp collectors!!



In Tiggly Stamp, basic shapes are the building blocks of complex images such as animals, fruits, and objects. Make up stories, and then record them to share with family and friends.


 Tiggly Draw

Calling all future artists!!


In Tiggly Draw, you and your preschooler can build funny little friends out of circles, squares, stars, and triangles. Animations and sounds add to the fun. Wings and a tail? Why not!


 Tiggly Xmas

Calling all Christmas tree decorators!!



In Tiggly Christmas, young children can decorate a tree with ornaments, open gifts, play with toys, and send cards to friends and family. Deck the halls with Tiggly!


"When Lila sees a screen, we try to make sure she’s using it actively vs. passively. That's why Tiggly is so cool."


"When I was introduced to Tiggly Shapes, I immediately knew I had found the perfect tech gift for my youngest son."



Tiggly toys and apps are designed by educators and tested extensively by toddlers and their parents. Our products are fun for all ages, but specifically intended to help children between 18 months and 6 years old develop spatial reasoning, motor skills, language, number sense, basic math and creativity.

Spatial Reasoning

Spatial reasoning refers to children’s ability to notice, for example, that a roof is also a triangle. Tiggly Safari encourages children to identify and match four basic shapes—circles, squares, triangles, and stars. In addition, children learn about spatial relations and transformations.

Motor Skills

Motor skills are a series of actions performed in a particular order to accomplish a task - shaking a rattle, walking, eating with a spoon. For toddlers, motor skills such as grabbing objects, holding them, and manipulating them in space are important to practice. 


Tiggly develops children's vocabulary through listening, speaking, and reading. In Tiggly Stamp, for example, children listen to the names of animals as they appear on screen. In addition, the apps encourage co-play with parents; we believe face-to-face interactions are extremely important. 


Expressing creativity unlocks children’s imaginations and reinforces learning in other subjects. Through storytelling and role-play, Tiggly Draw, for example, encourages creativity by providing a medium for children to create complex images and imaginary characters.